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Woman adjusting sheer white curtains of her living room window, installed by Complete Blinds Thornlands.

Window Coverings for Sliding Doors

Window coverings for sliding doors can be difficult to find. They have a lot of jobs to do! They must allow full, easy access to the door, while still giving control over light, privacy and temperature.

Our team at Complete Blinds have everything covered though! Here are our top tips to help you find the best window coverings for your sliding doors.

Why can it be difficult to find window coverings for sliding doors?

Finding window coverings for sliding doors can be difficult, due to the size and access needs of the sliding door.

Sliding doors are often quite wide, which means some window coverings are not suitable for sliding doors.

Due to the fact that doors need to be easily accessible, any window coverings used for sliding doors must take this into account and must be able to open fully as a result.

This is why Blinds are the perfect coverings for sliding doors; they’re made to order, which means they are the perfect size for wide areas – and they roll all the way up (or across) enabling easy access to the sliding door. Not to mention the fact that Blinds provide privacy, light control and help with room temperature regulation!

Here at Complete Blinds Brisbane we take the stress out of choosing window coverings for your sliding doors as one of our happy customers Jaiden explains:

“I procured their services for my beachfront property and it looks amazing. I can still relate with the beautiful views outside despite the new Vertical Blinds I now have. The ability to control light penetration in the house is what I relish the most with my large windows and sliding doors sometimes allowing too much light. They are a perfect fit for my beachfront house, which I now visit more often.”

Here’s a rundown of our favourite window coverings for sliding doors:

White plantation shutters installed in a small room window, dual using it as a window covering and a door. There are picture frames placed on the wall shelves. By Complete Blinds Australia.

What are the best window coverings for sliding doors?

Here at Complete Blinds Brisbane we’re proud of our range of Blinds and Shutters. But when it comes to coverings for sliding doors, it isn’t a one size fits all situation.

Our Verishade Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Plantation Shutters and Panel Guide Blinds are your best bet, when it comes to providing window coverings for your sliding doors.

Verishade Blinds

If you’re looking for sliding doors windows coverings which combine innovation, style and functionality, Verishade Blinds are the perfect option!

Verishade Blinds put a modern twist on classic Blinds by keeping everything we’ve always loved about Vertical Blinds and adding the elegance of soft window furnishings to create a stylish, durable, safe solution – which is a perfect option for those looking for window coverings for their sliding doors.


Verishade Blinds are the perfect blinds for sliding doors because they enable you to take full control of light and privacy, with its individually curved fabric vanes. Because they are so versatile, Verishade Blinds can be kept closed to maintain privacy and light control, while still providing easy access to the sliding door.

Easy access:

Verishade Blinds are the perfect choice of blinds for sliding doors, particularly in an indoor-outdoor living space. They are easy to walk through – whether open or closed – as the vanes simply fall back into place.

Vertical Blinds

If you’re looking for sleek, neat window coverings for your sliding doors, then Vertical Blinds are for you. Vertical Blinds come in a wide range of fabrics, textures, patterns and colours and are the perfect option for french doors, windows and of course sliding glass doors!


Vertical Blinds are a versatile choice as they cover the area from top to bottom perfectly, with easy opening using the built-in wand.


While Vertical Blinds are known for their modern style appeal, due to the wide range of varieties available in this style, they can be the perfect complement to any type of décor whether simple, minimalistic, or elaborate.

Temperature control:

Vertical Blinds are a great option when looking for coverings for sliding doors which will help control the room’s temperature, whether you need to keep the room warm in winter or cooler in summer.

Clear view:

Vertical Blinds are a fantastic choice of blinds for sliding doors, when you want to see the outside area clearly. Because they easily open right up, you’ll have full visual access to the outdoors!

Light control:

Vertical Blinds are fantastic when it comes to controlling the amount of light in a room. By tilting the Blind, you are in full control of how bright or dark a room is.


Vertical Blinds are not only great at providing privacy – they can do so while also allowing the light in! Tilt the Blind to suit your privacy and light needs.

Low maintenance:

Vertical Blinds are very easy to clean – just a cloth and warm water will do the trick!

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are a great option when considering coverings for sliding doors. They are a charming addition, offering full privacy when closed as well as protection and warmth. Open Plantation Shutters help make an area feel larger while providing natural light and a view of the outdoors.


Internal Plantation Shutters are fitted to the inside of the window, enabling you to easily open and close the window, while controlling light and privacy with the louvres.


Plantation Shutters are protected from warping and fading by a UV paint finish or wood stain, lengthening their lifespan.

Less Breakage:

Plantation Shutters are a great option for sliding doors window coverings, as they help protect the glass from breaking, while still allowing full, easy access.

Variety of Materials:

Depending on where you will be using your Plantation Shutters, whether on an internal or external sliding door, in a wet or dry area, there is a material which will perfectly suit. Whether you need a synthetic material or prefer natural, we have everything you’ll need at Complete Blinds to create the perfect window coverings for your sliding doors.


Not only are you able to control light and privacy, the louvres system featured in Plantation Shutters also allow you to control airflow, making them a fantastic window coverings option for sliding doors.

Panel Glide Blinds

Known for their functional and contemporary design, Panel Glide Blinds are a fantastic option for anyone requiring blinds for sliding doors.


As a stylish, modern alternative to the more traditional curtains and Vertical Blinds, Panel Glide Blinds create an informal, relaxed look.

Great Coverage:

Made specially for open plan homes with wide doors and sliding doors, the simple design of Panel glide Blinds makes them the perfect option for covering large panels of glass.


Available in a wide variety of colours and materials including aluminium, fabric and timber.

Things to consider when choosing window coverings for sliding doors

Outside mount

Most window coverings for sliding doors will be installed externally, as an outside mount. Because most door recesses aren’t deep enough, the window covering will be mounted on the wall above.

Door handle

Different door handles will interfere with window coverings for some sliding doors. Chat with the friendly Complete Blinds team about door handle options for your specific needs.

Coverage options

Will you require the sliding door to be fully uncovered at times? We will design window coverings for your sliding doors, to make sure you have the right coverage for your design and lifestyle needs.

Décor and design

Our Complete Blinds team will work with you to ensure that the coverings for sliding doors chosen for your home will complement existing design features and styles.

Contact our friendly team today to discuss everything you need when it comes to window coverings for sliding doors!

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